Panel: Children's Right to Privacy in the Digital Age

On April 22, 2022 we held our panel discussion on "Children's Right to Privacy in the Digital Age" with the participation of valuable panelists under the moderation of Selin Ozbek Cittone.

In an enjoyable discussion our expert panelists shared with us the threats faced by children in the digital age, current problems, solutions and legal regulations.

Who spoke at the panel?

  • Bond & Bond | Company Secretary and Trustee of South West Grid for Learning Robert Bond 
  • Bournemouth University | Digital Rights Professor Andy Phippen
  • Istanbul University | Asst. Prof. Nafiye Yücedağ

What did we discuss at the panel?

* What are the UK and the US regimes protecting children’s rights to privacy?

* Are there differences between the EU/UK and the US regarding children’s right to privacy?

* What are the regulations in Turkey protecting children’s rights to privacy? 

* What are the rules and challenges for obtaining consent from children?

* Is it possible to identify the age of the user? What are the practical issues and challenges?

*Who are the stakeholders regarding children’s rights, and what are their responsibilities?

* What are the legal requirements under Digital Services and Markets Act, Age Appropriate Design Code, COPPA and other legislation?

* What should we do? Where can we start?

* What is ahead of us considering the ever-evolving digital age? How can we ensure our children’s safety online in the Metaverse?

Link to Video