Data Protection Law, which we have been working on for a long time, has become of great importance in our areas of practice, especially with the enactment of the relevant law on April 2016.

In relation to the Protection of Personal Data, we are currently working on compliance projects with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data for the client companies by establishing joint project groups with our business partnerships which are technical consulting companies.

Within the scope of our compliance projects, we intend to determine the methodology of processing personal data of real persons by the companies established in Turkey in compliance with the framework of the principles and obligations stipulated by the Law on the Protection of Personal Data and to create processing methods in compliance with the law within the aspect of the determined methodology.

Within the context of our compliance projects we;

  • Examine the personal data processing activities of the companies operating in Turkey related to the business processes from the entry of the data to the company starting from the point of contact with any personal data and the processes of destruction or anonymization of the personal data and determine the current situation with regard to the said processes and create a personal data inventory,
  • Prepare a legal due diligence report on the basis of legal compliance assessment and propose actions necessary to be taken in accordance with the Law to remedy the non-compliances and risks;
  • Design and implement legal texts that will enable the company to take necessary compliance actions.


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