Statement on the Employment Dormitories Institution, which continues its activities within the Ministry of Justice (24/04/2020)

  • Within the scope of the fight against the coronavirus, the Employment Dormitories Institution, which continues its activities under the Ministry of Justice, has produced more than 1 million masks, more than 100 thousand overalls, and disposable hospital products in the last week and delivered them to health institutions. In addition, 66 tons of cologne, nearly 560 tons of liquid hand soap, and 432 tons of surface cleaner were produced by Employment Dormitories.

Statement by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services (23/04/2020)

  • It was announced that the unemployment allowances will be deposited into the bank account of the beneficiaries this month as part of the coronavirus prevention measures.
  • By warning that IBAN numbers should be reported until April 26, it is stated that “Our citizens who have already received or are entitled to receive payments can call their ALO 170 or report their IBAN numbers or update their information via and add them to the system."
  • Minister Selcuk stated that beneficiaries who cannot enter IBAN information or who do not have IBAN will not be victimized. Payments to those in this scope will continue to be made through PTT.

Circular on Ramadan Measures in the Fight Against Covid 19 by the Ministry of Interior (22/04/2020)

  • The Ministry sent a circular to the 81 Provincial Governorships on Ramadan measures in the fight against COVID-19.
  • All kinds of events and food tents serving food for iftar and sahur will not be allowed.
  • The services of Ramadan drummers can be covered by Local Governments.
  • Ramadan Pita production will end 2 hours before the Iftar.
  • The number of public transportation vehicles will be increased at least 3 hours before iftar time.
  • Cemetery Visits will be controlled.

Statement by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services (22/04/2020)

  • Employers can make their notifications regarding an employee being on furlough, by choosing the Covid-19 Unpaid Leave Screen from the SSI's
  • It was stated that the notifications will be made separately for each month on furlough, until the 3rd of the month following the month when the furlough is given, and employees don’t need to make a separate application.
  • Employees on furlough and whose employment agreements are terminated after 15/3/2020 and who cannot benefit from the unemployment allowance will be paid by İŞKUR from the 8th of the following month.
  • It was stated that the employees benefiting from the salary support in cash and their family members will be considered to have General Health Insurance and insurance premiums will be covered by the Unemployment Fund.

Statement by the Presidency of Administrative Affairs (21/04/2020)

  • Provided that the necessary precautions are taken by the managers of the institution and the minimum level of personnel is available for the execution of compulsory services; all public servants will be deemed to be on administrative leave on Friday, 24 April 2020.

Circular on the Curfew to be Applied by the Ministry of Interior in 30 Metropolitan and Zonguldak Cities on 23-24-25-26 April (21/04/2020)

  • Curfew rules will apply to all people living within the city borders of 30 Metropolitan cities of the country and Zonguldak (with the following exceptions) between 22 April 2020 24:00 and 26 April 2020 24:00.
  • Offices, Workplaces, and Institutions that Will be Open during the Curfew

a.1- As of the beginning of the month of Ramadan, the working hours of markets and grocery stores are determined to be between 08.00 -23.00 on Tuesday, 21 April 2020 and Wednesday, 22 April 2020, before the days when curfew restriction/prohibition will occur.

a.2- To be limited to meeting the mandatory needs of citizens (except those aged 65 and over and those aged 20 and under) citizens will be permitted to shop at the nearest supermarkets and grocery stores on dates between 23 April 2020 and 24 April 2020 between 9:00-14:00 hours, and supermarkets and grocery stores will be permitted to delivery goods to homes/addresses.

a.3- Markets and grocery stores will be closed on Saturday, 25.04.2020, and Sunday, 26.04.2020.

b) On 23 April 2020 Thursday, 24 April 2020 Friday, 25 April 2020 Saturday and 26 April 2020 Sunday, bakeries and/or bakery-licensed workplaces where bread production is made, only the vendors that sell bread and workplaces where dessert production is made/sold (In these workplaces only bread, baked products, and dessert can be sold.) will be open.

c) During Ramadan, restaurants and restaurant-style workplaces, are only allowed to operate in the form of delivery to homes, on 23 April 2020, 24 April 2020, 25 April 2020, and 26 April 2020.

ç) Workplaces dealing with production, transportation and the sale of medicine, medical devices, medical masks, and disinfectants,

d) Public and private health clinics and hospitals, pharmacies, veterinarian clinics and animal hospitals,

e) Public offices and agencies needed for the continuation of obligatory public services (airports, ports, customs, border gates, highways, senior homes, senior care centers, rehabilitation centers, emergency call services, AFAD units, Vefa Social Support Teams, etc.,)

f) The number of fuel stations and tire repairers to be determined by the Governorships / District Governorates, one for every 50,000 inhabitants and one for every 50 km on the intercity highway and motorway if they pass through the provincial borders. method and the markets of the on-call fuel stations will be open.),

g) Major facilities and enterprises carrying out strategic activities in the natural gas, electricity and oil sectors (such as refinery and petrochemical facilities as well as thermic and natural gas cycle plants, etc.,)

ğ) Post office, water, newspaper, and propane distribution companies,

h) Animal shelters, animal farms and animal care centers,

ı) Emergency construction, equipment, etc. to increase the capacity of health services. businesses/companies carrying out the activities,

i) Under the condition of receiving permit from the provincial public health board, facilities producing pasta, flour, milk, meat and fish products and factories dealing with producing hygienic products such as paper towels, colognes and raw materials used for this purpose,

j) Local and international transportation (including export/import/transit pass,

k) Hotels and accommodation facilities,

l)  Facilities producing packages for food, medicine and hygiene sectors

m) Large constructions and mines whose construction or work continues by accommodating employees at the construction site located in the construction site/mining area. limited only to the construction site/mining sites.),

n) Newspapers, radio and television channels, and printing houses

o) The subject of export, which has been previously contracted/committed and must be grown within the specified period; workplaces and facilities producing goods, materials, products, equipment (exceptions, provided that they prove their current obligations and comply with the mentioned conditions),

ö) wholesale markets for fresh fruits and vegetables on Thursday, 23.04.2020 and Friday, 24.04.2020, where there is a curfew/prohibition,

People in the Exceptions List 

  • Managers, employees or workers of workplaces, offices, and agencies which will be open during the curfew as mentioned under the second title of this memorandum,
  • TBMM employees limited to Thursday 23.04.2020,
  • Officers working in order to maintain public order and security (including private security officers),
  • Employees working in Urgent Call Centers, AFAD, Red Crescent and Vefa Social Support Units,
  • People who will be carrying out burial procedures (religious personnel, hospital and municipality employees, etc.) and first-degree-relatives who will attend the funeral,
  • Employees working in the repair and maintenance of electricity, water, natural gas, telecommunication services,
  • Employees and workers responsible for product and/or material transportation or logistics (including cargo services) local and international transportation, storing and related activities,
  • Social workers and caretakers working at senior homes, senior care centers, rehabilitation centers, and child homes, etc.,
  • Guardians, caretakers, or social workers for “people with special needs” such as autistics, heavy mental retardation, and Down syndrome.
  • Employees working at the departments which are required to maintain continuous function such as high furnaces used in iron and steel, glass and ferrochrome sectors and cold storage depots,
  • Data processing center workers (under the condition of keeping the number of workers in minimum) processing information in nationwide service networks,
  • People working in the production, processing, marketing and transportation of vegetable and animal products,
  • Ovine- bovine breeders, beekeepers, people feeding street animals and people who had to walk their pets (under the condition of staying within a few miles from home),
  • Vets,
  • People distributing bread,
  • People who have obligatory health appointments (including blood and plasma donations to the Red Crescent),
  • Employees working for responding to the basic needs of people living in dorms, pensions, construction sites, etc.,
  • Employees whose departure from their workplace is risky due to occupational health and safety (workplace doctor etc.,)
  • Technical service employees under the condition of certifying that they have to be outside in order to provide services,
  • Workers who are permitted by the provincial public health board to work in planting, irrigation, etc., for the continuation of agricultural production,
  • Employees who are on duty during the weekend for mass transportation, cleaning, waste disposal, water and drainage, firefighting and cemetery services,
  • Under the condition of being valid after 18:00 on 26.04.2020 Sunday, people working in transportation, storage and sales to markets and vegetable /fruit markets in order to prevent any problem in the supply chain (any product that is not mentioned in this list cannot be sold during the curfew).

Statement on short-term working allowance by the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services (20/04/2020)

  • The sector that makes the most application to the Short Work Allowance is manufacturing with 40 percent. The second highest sector is the wholesale and retail trade with 15 percent, the third one is accommodation and food service activities with 12 %, the fourth is the education sector with 6 percent.
  • The firms with the highest number of applications are the firms with less than 3 employees (51.3%), firms with 4-9 employees (28.3 % ), the firms with 10-19 employees (10.8%), and firms with 20-49 employees (6.4 % ).

The decision made by the BRSA (Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency) (18/04/2020)

The Banking Regulatory and Supervision Agency has announced a new ratio calculation methodology in accordance with article 93 of the Banking Law (Law) No. 5411 and the second paragraph of article 43. Starting from 01.05.2020, calculations of the Active Ratio (AR) will be calculated as described below on a weekly basis:

  • Asset Ratio (AR) = Loans + (Securities x 0.75) + (CBRT Swap x 0.5) / TL Deposits + (FX Deposits x 1.25).

In AR's nominator section;

  • “Loans” shall mean the sum of the loans extended by banks to retail and commercial customers, excluding non-performing loans
  • "Securities" shall mean the total value of bonds and notes issued by the private sector with all kinds of debt instruments issued by the Treasury of the Republic of Turkey, lease certificates and the total value of Eurobonds ((excluding foreign issuers’ securities or shares purchased by the banks )
  • "Central Bank Swap" shall mean the total value of the foreign currency given by the banks to the Central Bank of Turkey (CBT) by way of swaps, as calculated by the Central Bank’s buying ate as Turkish Lira (TL)

In the denominator part of AR;

  • “TL Deposit” shall mean the total amount of all TL deposits/participation funds, excluding banks deposits
  • The “FX Deposit” shall mean the total amount of deposits/participation funds in foreign currency (FX) held in banks, including gold and precious metal accounts
  • As of the end of each month, the monthly average of that month should not fall below 100% for deposit banks and 80% for participation banks.

Additional Circular by the Ministry of Interior on the extension of the restriction of entry/exit to Metropolitan cities and Zonguldak (18/04/2020)

  • As of 18 April 2020 at 24:00 hours, all restrictions for the entrances/exits to be made to 30 big cities and to Zonguldak by land, air, and sea (public transportation, private vehicle, etc.) are extended 15 days according to the previously determined procedures and principles.

Circular by the Revenue Administration (17/04/2020)

  • The period of submission of Corporate Tax returns for the 2019 accounting period, which must be submitted by the end of 30 April 2020, and the payment periods of the taxes accrued on these statements have been extended until the end of Monday, 1 June 2020.