Additional Circular by the Ministry of Interior to 81 provincial governorships (16/03/2020)

  • In 81 provinces, theater, cinema, show center, concert hall, engagement/wedding hall, restaurant/café with music, casino, pub, tavern, coffee shop, café, cafeteria, country garden, hookah lounge, hookah cafe, internet hall, internet cafes, all kinds of game halls and indoor children playgrounds (including shopping malls and restaurants), tea garden, clubhouses, amusement park, swimming pool, Turkish bath, sauna, hot spring, massage parlor, SPA, and sports centers have been closed as of March 16th, 2020 at 24.00.
  • All activities of NGOs that bring people together are postponed as of March 16, 24:00.

The suggestion by the Mediation Departmant Head Office (16/03/2020)

  • It has been suggested that the method of teleconferencing shall be preferred in the initiated and ongoing mediation procedures, and for the upcoming mediation meetings, the meeting day shall be given towards the end of the deadlines specified in the law and these meetings should be held through teleconference.

Additional Circular by the Ministry of Interior on Covid 19 measures (15/03/2020)

  • Activities operating in the Public Recreation and Entertainment Areas such as pavilions, discos, bars, nightclubs have been temporarily stopped as of March 16th, 2020 at 10:00 due to increased risk of contagion.

Circular of the Ministry of Interior to 81 provincial governorships and border administrative offices (13/03/2020)

  • Passenger entries from Germany, Spain, France, Austria, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, and the Netherlands to Turkey were banned from all border crossings.
  • Citizens of said countries and citizens of the third countries who have visited such countries within the last 14 days would not be admitted to the country from 08:00 on 14 March 2020.
  • Turkish citizens' travel to these countries has been temporarily banned.

Statement of the Ministry of Commerce on Fairs (13/03/2020)

  • Based on the 2020 fair calendar all national and international trade fairs to be held in Turkey between March 16 and April 30th, have been postponed to May 1st, 2020 and after.

Statement of the Ministry of Commerce on exorbitant prices on products (11/03/2020)

  • In order to make purchases at a rational and reasonable price level, the export preliminary permits were given to the preliminary permit of the Ministry of Health. (sanitary materials)
  • Disinfectants were included in the scope of the inspection.

Statement of the Ministry of Commerce on Package Holiday Cancellation (06/03/2020)

  • If the purchased holiday package is for a country where tour flights have been stopped or a travel warning has been issued, it will be considered as a force majeure.
  • The consumer can cancel the package tour even if it is less than 30 days away.
  • If the consumer gives a notice of termination less than 30 days before the starting date of the package tour due to force majeure, the remaining amount will be returned to the consumer within 14 days without any deduction excluding the costs arising from the taxes, duties and similar legal obligations and the costs that can be paid and documented to third parties and which are non-refundable.

Measures on Technopark by the Ministry of Industry and Technology (21/03/2020)

  • Personnel working in Technoparks, R&D, and Design Centers are permitted to work from home until the end of April 2020.
  • It has been decided to not receive a lease for 2 months from the incubation companies in the technoparks and commercial enterprises such as restaurants and cafes. In addition, the 2-month lease payments of the R&D and design companies on these campuses have been postponed and the payment plan has been facilitated.