Statement by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization (22/03/2020)

  • It has been decided to decrease, return or make a deduction from the rents which corresponds to the period of inactivity of the rented places used for commercial purposes in the allocated immovable properties of the Treasury such as canteens, cafeterias, tea stoves rented by the Administration, as of March 16, 2020,
  • It is decided to make the necessary discounts, rebates, and deductions by determining the change in the number of personnel and the duration of their activities from the places used for commercial purposes in allocated immovables

if it is requested by the tenant.

Circular published by the Presidency for Public Employees (22/03/2020)

  • It is stated that if there is a minimum number of staff to serve the needs, then flexible working methods such as working remotely, working from home can be applied to those working in public institutions and organizations. Thoe employees already in leave will be deemed to be given administrative leave during the period when they do not actually take office.

Addition circulars of the Ministry of Interior regarding Restaurants (21/03/2020)

  • As of midnight on March 21, 2020, all diners and restaurants with or without alcohol, as well as pastry shops and patisseries and similar workplaces will serve only in takeaway capacity, without allowing customers to sit down.

President's Decree regarding the Decision On the Suspension Of the Execution And Bankruptcy Proceedings (21/03/2020)

  • All execution and bankruptcy proceedings shall be stopped nationwide.
  • The services or execution proceedings shall not be executed
  • New execution and bankruptcy proceeding shall not be initiated.
  • The decisions of preliminary attachment shall not be executed or enforced.
  • Furthermore, with this decision, the execution proceedings carried out in relation to alimony receivables were excluded from the foregoing.

Circular and Additional Circular of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs regarding people over 65 and those with Chronical Disease (21/03/2020 – 22/03/2020)

  • Citizens who are 65 years or older and over and have a weak immune system and chronic lung disease, asthma, COPD, cardiovascular disease, kidney, hypertension, and liver disease, using drugs that disrupt the immune system are restricted from leaving their homes, walking in the parks, open areas and traveling by public transportation, and are not allowed to go out on the streets after 24:00 on 21 March 2020.
  • Exceptions were brought to the scope of the ban/restraint decisions by the governors/district governorships to healthcare professionals, mayors, provincial directors, social service institutions officers, public servants / public service providers and pharmacists with the exception of cancer patients and organ transplants, whose services will be needed to ensure the continuity of public service, the nature of the public service they carry out and the urgency in the current situation. (Additional Circular)

Statement of General Assembly Meetings of Companies by the Ministry of trade (20/03/2020)

  • Measures have been taken to ensure that companies, which do not have a provision in their articles of association that allows general assembly meetings to be held electronically, can hold meetings through the “Electronic General Assembly Meeting System” and “Electronic Board System”.

Press statement of the Ministry of Industry on Cologne Price (20/03/2020)

  • After the meeting with ethyl alcohol, cologne, and disinfectant manufacturers, cologne manufacturers have been guaranteed not to increase their factory and retail prices while combating the coronavirus.

The decision of the Provincial Health Directorate of Istanbul Governorship (20/03/2020)

  • It has been decided by the Istanbul Provincial General Hygiene Council;
  • to continue sea transportation services for the purpose of passenger transportation.
  • to temporarily stop transportation services except for the reason stated above such as the Maritime tourism vehicles certified by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and/or the Governorship of Istanbul Daily Tourism Board and operating in the field of maritime tourism for activities such as sightseeing, sports and entertainment, touring, restaurant and restaurant boats with music, food and/or beverage service, commercial yachts operating with a few and a large number of people, by the operators of the City Lines, Turyol, Dentur, Eurasia, Blue Marmara, etc., sea tourism operating in the services of sea tourism for sightseeing, sports, entertainment purposes with definitions such as short or long Bosphorus tour, Islands tour, day trip, etc. and the international flights between the Aegean Islands and the mainland of Greece and the port and coastal facilities of our country for the purpose of passenger transportation.
  • it has been decided to continue the activities of the district/ neighborhood markets where our citizens meet their basic needs, especially such as vegetables and fruits; however, to cease the activities of the "auto market" and "animal markets" temporarily.

Measures on the Sale of Vegetables and Fruits and the Meetings of General Assemblies by the Ministry of Trade (20/03/2020)

  • General assembly meetings which were called by the board of directors of joint-stock corporations and limited liability companies, but have not been held yet, may be canceled to be held at a later date.
  • Unpackaged fresh vegetables and fruits in the market, greengrocer and market places will be offered for sale without being selected by consumers by paying attention to the necessary hygiene conditions.
  • Disinfection process will not be neglected by the municipalities in market places and wholesalers, and necessary and sufficient hygiene measures will be taken.
  • Market booths will be kept as wide as possible in the market places, and boxes and packages that will cause congestion in the passages between the booths will not be kept.

Statement by Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (19/03/2020)

  • Product promotion representatives' visits to pharmacies and health institutions have been stopped.